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SEO Packages

All of our SEO packages are bespoke and tailored to the requirements of the client. There is no one size fits all. Although we are conscious that clients would like to have an idea of costs before contacting an SEO Agency. The average costs of businesses working with SearchRise and their respective targets are featured below.



A single service in one location.  A great package to take control of your niche in a specific area.

For example

 Plumber in Newcastle

Chiropractor in Newcastle

Used Cars Newcastle



Multi - local


Multiple services targeted in a single location for complete local industry domination. 

For example

Dentist in Newcastle 

Dental Care in Newcastle

Teeth Whitening in Newcastle

Dental Implants in Newcastle

Stain Removal in  Newcastle





A national campaign targeting high value commercial keywords throughout the UK.

For example

 Conservatory Furniture

Hair Extensions

 Health & Safety Training



Our Search Optimisation Services are NOT for Everyone

We have helped 100’s of businesses gain a higher ranking and an increase in traffic.

The reason our experts can do this is simple; we work closely with a limited amount of clients, ensuring attention to detail and a personal approach. If you meet our criteria you are guaranteed a service that is second to none, one that will enhance your online presence and see an increase in leads and traffic. We select our clients very carefully because we care and believe in quality, not quantity.

We work with clients who have:


A Well-Functioning Business

 We want to take your business to the next level and only take on clients which are already up and running. Our services are for businesses that want to move forward.


Already Have a Steady Flow of Customers, Leads & Traffic

You don’t have to be a massive company or household name, but you need to be present in your niche. You’re promoting your brand, running ad campaigns, selling your products or services and understand the importance of doing so.


A Solid Product or Service and a Good Reputation

We will work together to bring you more sales and increase profits, in such a way that it creates confidence in your business and good-will in your market.

We Don't Work With 

For various reasons we don't work with:

  1. Get Rich Schemes
  2. Adult Content
  3. Start Ups
  4. Gambling Sites

If You Think You Are an Ideal Candidate To Work With Us 

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