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If you’re serious about maximizing your online visibility you really need to be incorporating content marketing into your digital marketing strategy.

Both Google and your audience love content and it’s a great way to make connections, build relationships and develop brand loyalty. Google plays a significant role in digital marketing regardless of your overall strategy and right now Google loves content because they see it as a way for brands to add value and share information.

Why Should I Even Bother?

We have the expertise to help you take your business to the next level.

For example, we can use Facebook Ads to promote content that we feel our audience will love. This introduces your brand, and starts to build a reputation. It also brings them to your website to read the content, this shows Google your website has a social presence. Visitors stay on your website to read the content, this is also another signal to Google. Those signals result in Google boosting you in the search results.

We need it for SEO, for social media marketing. It has so many positive usages and it brings different channels together.

The Benefits of Content Marketing


People are so used to being sold to online that the effects of direct promoting of services starts to deliver less and less results. But, you still need to make that first contact and start to develop a relationship with potential customers, gain some brand recognition to be able to sell to them at a later date. Content Marketing is a really effective way because it’s subtle and affordable.

Sales Funnels

If your product or service is not an impulse buy, it’s essential that you have a sales funnel in place to attract leads, convert them into sales. Content can be part of the traffic generation strategy, the lead nurturing, brand positioning, and even can be used for enable conversions.


Google loves content so it’s going to be a good idea to have extra content added to your website on a regular basis. You’ll see a boost in Search Rankings. But with content marketing, you can get all the advantages we’ve mentioned, so rather than paying for content just for the sake of SEO, you get to promote content and use the same content for your SEO. That’s cost effective.

How We Operate

With content marketing, we’ve only just scraped the surface when it comes to the advantages it holds. To find out more please reach out to one of our content marketing experts.

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