Do I Really Need Search Engine Optimisation Applied To My Website?


If you do, the best thing you can do is rank in Google for relevant keyword searches simply because it’s the most cost-effective. Once you’re ranked, the visitors to your website are very targeted, they are already looking for your service or product. Plus, being at the top of Google for national or local organic searches means it's not costing you to generate an audience, so profit margins are higher.

Search engines' work by utilizing complex algorithms. However, you have to understand that you also need to help them find you. Having an SEO optimised site has no downsides, but not being able to utilise even a few very basic techniques can be extremely detrimental to your web presence.


You have to be able to show Google that your website has more valuable content, and you are a more trusted website than all your competitors if you do that you’ll be placed at the top of the search rankings. For local SEO it means your business is shown when the searcher is local to you.

Step 1
Getting your website right first. Google loves valuable content displayed in a readable and engaging way. We help Google value our website through that content. We also need to get the technical elements to your website right. How fast the website loads, how the website is labeled for Google so they understand who the website is targeting.

Step 2
Google values the relevancy and authority of your website, by the way, it's interacted with by other websites and visitors. The more respected and relevant the websites are that link to you, the better the impression your website makes with Google. Each website acts like a recommendation. Some recommendations mean more than others.

Also, social media plays it's role too. The more active your website is on social media acts as another signal to Google, it says your website is popular and more people are looking to find it.


Our SEO experts are constantly reviewing and testing Google's search algorithm to see trends occurring in the way Google decides which websites get ranked first. For example, Google decided that content should be a more important factor. Not long ago, the length of time someone spent on the site was another factor too. By understanding the way Google is thinking early we can adjust our strategy to gain an advantage over your competition.

The #1 Key to Successful SEO

Google has created their algorithm to give visitors the best possible experience. So, if you design your website to give great value and be helpful, ultimately, Google will recognize that by placing your higher in the rankings. It's a win-win situation for you.