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A Leading Online Marketing Agency in Newcastle & across the UK

We help our clients reach more customers locally and even worldwide by combining our expertise across multiple channels to deliver an integrated digital marketing service.

We’ll create a digital marketing strategy together by understanding who your target audience is, how we can speak to them, and what our target ROI is. Then we’ll set to work creating sales funnels and delivering strategies to achieve those targets.


Expand Your Reach. Target Your Audience. Increase Sales.

SearchRise will harness your in-house sales and marketing teams (or work in replacement of these teams) by optimizing existing channels and identifying and exploiting new channels.

Find your customers online, wherever they are.

Your customers are online, because everyone is. That means there are channels open to us to initiate contact. Our job is to recognize those opportunities and exploit them.

  • Be socially savvy. Join relevant communities and start social conversations, increase insights into your customer’s behaviour and brand perception.
  • Make your customer service channels more available and inviting.
  • Build relationships and position your brand as a trusted authority.
  • Turn customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Example of a Digital Marketing Strategy in Operation

If you’ve never implemented a digital marketing strategy, it can be difficult to grasp how it works and how effective the benefits are, especially on your ROI. Here is an idea of what might be included in your Digital Marketing strategy.

  • We might decide that your prospective audience can be better targeted using Facebook, so we use their PPC advertising platform to make contact both with your business page and website.
  • Once we make a connection, we might try to get them into an email funnel. We could use some kind of lead magnet or special offer in return for their email address.
  • We could create content on your site that helps to show how much of an expert you are and add value to the audience reading it. We could use these articles in our emails to build a relationship with our email list.
  • These same articles could be targeted to help increase our reach in terms of SEO both in keywords to target and also for general authority of your website.
  • We could use a retargeting solution to track people around the internet with adverts, perhaps as part of your Facebook advertising campaign or later, as part of your email campaign.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing can feel like a bottomless pit. There are endless opportunities to explore and just as many ways to waste money or get a poor return on your investment. But with SearchRise, we help remove the fog. We are about being super targeted with our marketing, to save time and money and get the best results. It’s about being very clear what the target is, and very specific on how we plan to reach those targets.

The way we do digital marketing, it’s measurable. We can use tools that measure each part of the process so we are able to test and fine tune the strategy to get the most optimized form of marketing that’s going to give you the best return. We are going to be able to show you how your money was spent and specifically what return you received.

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